What can I say, time flies, it’s almost two years ago since I had the tremendous pleasure of dining at Maaemo. I had invited my parents, as a gesture to thank them for all they had done for me in a year that had been my roughest one, spring was in the air, and I had bought a new silk dress just for the occasion, and there were of course the tales of this restaurant that appealed to both my mind, my heart and my palette, where the philosophy of local and organic were not only notions, but actions – something, that even only two years ago, was still kind of new in this city. The mixture of these things led to an anticipation I had rarely felt since my childhood years, that feeling I had when laying in bed, knowing the next day would bring something special, like a birthday, or christmas or a visit to an amusement park. As an adult those moments are few and far between.

Needless to say, the dining experience was no let down. Surprisingly though, more impressive than the food – and the food was impressive – was the ambience and the service. I have since dined at many Michelin-star restaurants, but never have I experienced such lighthearted harmony that was executed at Maaemo that night. On several occasions I have referred to it as this perfect mixture of a factory belt and ballet, everything moved on cue, with such a finesse you hardly noticed it.

Working as a freelance writer it’s not a restaurant I can afford going back to with any frequency, but that only adds to the magic – as those special moments are not meant for everyday life. But I have convinced a friend to go on a savings pact with me, so we can make a visit toward the end of the year, and viewing this latest video – I can already feel the excitement starting to rise.

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