The Grace of Gray

kinfolk1 kinfolk2

One of the most honest food & lifestyle magazines out there, Kinfolk, has dedicated their latest issue to things that getter with  age, from people to wine. A change of focus that is truly refreshing in these fountain of youth- times that we live in. There are plenty of interesting stories in the magazine itself, but reading it also made my mind wonder back to the months I spent in Battambang, Cambodia. I was there doing research in collaboration with Help Age International, one of very few NGO’s that focus on elderly people – whom are often silenced out of development debates, and forgotten during on-the-ground development work. I remember talking to these people, interviewing these old men and women, some of whom had great hope for the future (although being fully aware that they themselves would never witness it), while others had every strain of hope burned out of them by the Khmer Rouge regime. It’s easy to forget that also older people differ so much from one another, not only from first world to third world, but from country to country, city to city, or even from one room to another in a health facility. Personally, I hope I’ll end up with a surplus of personality as these two ladies here – but if I end up sick, or dead tiered, after a life well-lived, I won’t complain about that either. Or so I hope.


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