Dear reader, I wish to welcome you to my latest blog adventure. I must admit I am a little uncertain of its direction, of its identity, of whether I will choose to follow a narrow path or randomly go off topic. I am deeply drawn to aesthetics and authenticity, for me the one is insufficient without the other – and I try to let these concepts shape my everyday life… through the meals I eat, the clothes I wear, the people I choose to spend time with, the books that inspire me, the music that touches me, and so the list continues.

Lately, I have become quite the foodie, (over?)indulging in culinary experiences, experiences that lit the initial flame behind this blog. But I also discovered that I want to share all those other things I listed – hence the name Beyond food etc.

I often say that I feel like a nomad at heart, so travel experiences will hence be given its rightful place. I currently reside in Berlin, but I have no idea as to where the next few months will take me, so the blog won’t be geographically based. I might choose to show you the now, but also things of the past, and dreams of the future.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out, if you come along on this humble journey with me that is.


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